Addie Labonte is a 24 year old paleo inspiration. Growing up, Addie was big into sports — soccer, basketball, track, running; all sports that required intense training, conditioning, and strength work. Despite leading a highly active life, she followed the tradition “Standard American Diet” style of eating, which included pizza, pasta, and all other types of refined carbohydrates. 

Following her college soccer career, Addie decided to take up running and train for a half marathon. Although she was in great shape, she started to experience pain in her low legs and after about 3-miles, her legs and feet would start to go numb. After seeing a physical therapist, family care physician, and sports specialist, Addie was diagnosed with Compartment Syndrome. She was given two options: give up running for 6 months to see if the problem would fix itself or go for invasive surgery where the outcome was unknown. 

For Addie, this was the turning point. Her aunt mentioned that when training for a marathon, she removed gluten and suggests she give it a try. After just a few short days of gluten-free, Addie felt amazing — no more headaches, better energy, better sleep, and no more leg pain when she ran.

Today, Addie eats a clean diet of meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and plenty of dark chocolate (because we all know it has antioxidant properties – check out Addie’s Chocolate Zucchini Bread Recipe!). She has run two half and two full marathons and has never felt better. 

Interested to learn more about Addie? Follow her blog and Instagram @organicallyaddison.


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