Addison Labonte’s Long-Term Adaptation to the Paleo Diet

In the quest for health and well-being, many of us choose specific diets to overcome challenges and achieve our goals. Addison LaBonte, a seasoned advocate for a healthy lifestyle, shares her long-term adaptation to the Paleo diet, offering insights into the evolution of her overall health and well-being over the past few years.

About Addison LaBonte

Addison is the owner and operator of 4 recipe websites, which includes Organically Addison. She enjoys creating easy, healthy, and delicious recipes that the whole family will love. Addison is a former D1 college athlete and marathon runner. She is passionate about living a healthy and active lifestyle – but one that includes Paleo baked goods for dessert every night. She is currently in the process of launching a brand of better-for-you desserts!

From Strict to Flexible Paleo Diet Approach

In the past few years, Addison has significantly transformed her overall health and perspective on healthy living. During a period when she was actively engaged in marathons and adhering strictly to the Paleo diet, she has since adopted a more flexible approach while maintaining a focus on consuming high-quality foods. 

Diligence in reading ingredient lists and food labels remains a constant practice for Addison. Notably, she has become more mindful of her sugar intake, actively limiting it. As her lifestyle experiences natural fluctuations, Addison has honed her ability to adapt her eating habits to support her daily life.

During marathon training, Addison adhered strictly to the Paleo diet, but adjustments have been introduced over the years. Non-paleo foods, such as peanut butter, gluten-free grains, and full-fat dairy, have made their way back into her diet. Cottage cheese and unsweetened Greek yogurt have become her daily staples. These changes aligned with her evolving lifestyle and met the increased demand for additional protein sources. 

The long-term adaptation to the Paleo diet has been successful, and Addison continues to feel great while embracing this more flexible approach to her Paleo journey.

Paleo Is More Than A Diet

Addison prefers not to label Paleo as a diet. For her, Paleo is a way of life. She enjoys consuming natural, whole foods that nourish and fuel her. While easily sustainable for Addison, this lifestyle is complemented by her passion for cooking and baking. 

However, she acknowledges that individuals who do not enjoy cooking might find it challenging. Dining out also presents challenges, prompting Addison to call ahead and inquire about restaurant menus occasionally. 

Emphasizing the importance of preparation as a key to success, she advocates for meal prepping in advance, contacting restaurants ahead of time, and preparing food before attending events, aligning with her belief that readiness is vital in all aspects of life.

What Are The Other Health Benefits Of The Paleo Diet?

Addison has observed notable improvements in overall health beyond running and fitness, particularly in mental clarity. She mentions that her mental clarity has been as great as ever. 

Additionally, there have been surprising benefits related to sleep. Addison has realized a reduced need for sleep compared to her previous patterns, yet she experiences a profound improvement in sleep quality. Remarkably, she now takes less than three minutes to fall asleep at night—an unexpected positive outcome from adhering to the Paleo diet.

Addison’s Advice For Those Starting Their Paleo Journey

For those struggling to make Paleo transition, here’s a piece of advice from Addison:

“Taking the first step can be daunting, but that’s all it takes to get started. Just start. Go through your pantry and fridge, and donate or discard everything that’s ultra-processed and loaded with sugar. If the food isn’t in your house, it’s impossible to eat.”

Furthermore, she advocates for diligence in reading food labels and emphasizes the significance of self-education in navigating the Paleo journey. While acknowledging the initial challenges, Addison asserts that the transformative nature of the Paleo lifestyle makes the effort worthwhile.

Addison’s Healthy and Tasty Paleo Recipes

Addison believes in the harmonious blend of health and taste. Here are her innovative and mouthwatering recipes designed to make healthy eating a delightful and accessible experience for all.

Pan Seared Chilean Sea Bass Recipe

Pan Seared Chilean Sea Bass

Seafood is a great option for Paleo. This sea bass is super tender and juicy. 

See recipe

Baked Halibut Recipe

Baked Halibut Recipe

In the same vein, this baked halibut is super quick and easy to make. It takes under 20 minutes, and it’s filled with protein.

See recipe

Instant Pot Carnitas

Instant Pot Carnitas

Meal prep is the key to success with Paleo. You will love these pork carnitas since they are so versatile. It will satisfy your takeout cravings!

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Paleo Brownies

Paleo Brownies

Addison has the world’s biggest sweet tooth! In fact, she eats dessert every night. Thankfully, these Paleo brownies are the perfect way to end the day.

See recipe

Wrapping Up

Addison LaBonte’s insights on her long-term adaptation to the Paleo diet unveil a holistic approach to well-being that transcends mere dietary choices. Through her transformative journey, Addison showcases the evolution of her health and perspective on healthy living over the years. From strict adherence to the Paleo diet during marathon training to a more flexible approach, Addison emphasizes the importance of balance while prioritizing high-quality, nourishing foods.

Addison’s unwavering commitment to mindfulness in her dietary choices sets her apart. Diligently reading ingredient lists and labels, she remains conscious of her sugar intake, showcasing adaptability in her eating habits to best support her day-to-day needs.

For Addison, the hurdles of embracing the Paleo lifestyle are overshadowed by its transformative impact. Drawing from her own journey, Addison LaBonte encourages others to welcome the path, emphasizing the belief that, in health matters, a single step is needed to set in motion a significant and enduring transformation.

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Addison LaBonte’s Long-Term Adaptation to the Paleo Diet

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