Alexis Jacinto Rivera isn’t new to the paleo lifestyle. She’s a Whole30 vet who decided to turn paleo after the birth of her first child.

She comes from a family of amazing cooks, which is where she got her skills and experience from. Technique and Asian cooking taught by her father, and family recipes taught by her mother and grandmother, Alexis definitely knows her way around the kitchen.

But how did she get started with paleo? Here’s her story.

After her first child was born, Alexis started her current instagram profile and completed her first Whole30. The results she got from this challenge? Her baby weight just melted off, and much to her surprise, her chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety disappeared along with it. But it’s not only physical healing she’s taken away from going paleo. She’s also received mental and emotional healing as well. After baby # 2, she’s found adopting the paleo lifestyle to be the only thing that gets rid of the stubborn baby weight and keep it off, as well as increase her energy levels so she can keep up with the demands of being a stay-at-home mom.

While she isn’t a dietician, trainer, health coach, or professional cook, she definitely knows how to make healthy food taste great. Alexis strongly believes that whatever diet and lifestyle you follow — whether it be paleo, Whole30, or simply just eating clean — food should taste good so you don’t even miss the “bad stuff.” It’s important to find the foods you love and modify them to fit your lifestyle — honour the ingredients and honour the seasonal bounty. Appreciate the primal and ancestral way of fuelling your body and see how much positivity and healing it can bring into your life — physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Whether it be sweet potato nests with poached eggs and chive hollandaise, pumpkin spice lattes, Thai red curry or vanilla almond chia seed pudding, Alexis’ Instagram @paleorookie has got you covered on food porn. Be sure to check her out next time you’re stuck for meal ideas!

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