Transitioning to paleo was Alicia Stelzer’s saving grace. Not only did it help her lose more than 50 pounds and regain her health, but it taught her more than she could ever ask for about herself. Paleo came into Alicia’s life when she was experiencing several health problems and it helped her to get her life back. After nearly 4 years of being paleo, Alicia is physically and mentally stronger than ever before and she wants everyone else to feel the same.


Alicia’s recipes are created for busy people who don’t want to sacrifice flavour or their health. While all of her recipes are paleo-compliant, you’d never guess you’re missing anything.


If you practice intermittent fasting like Alicia does, why not give her morning coconut coffee a try to keep you satiated and energized all morning long? Before you know if, you’ll be diving into one of her amazing lunches like cheesy mashed rutabaga with brussels sprouts, a zucchini tomato frittata, zucchini ravioli with cashew cheese sauce, or chicken salad in a homemade flax wrap.


And we can’t forget about dinners. You’ll come home to some amazing dishes like spaghetti squash patties, broccoli and avocado salad, or spaghetti squash with a turkey meat sauce.

Have room for a little treat? Alicia’s given us her favourite cookies also. Subscribe to our dream paleo week menu to get her cinnamon coconut cookie recipe and tons more!