We all know that navigating the land of nutrition can be difficult and challenging, and especially so when you’ve struggled with an eating disorder in the past. With all the conflicting information available, Amanda White left it up to research and experimentation to find what suits her body best. And what was that? Paleo. Eating foods in the purest form possible and incorporating intermittent fasting a few times a week was what made her feel best. While she follows paleo 90% of the time, Amanda also believes in treats, and that’s exactly what she’s got for you with her dream paleo week menu.


Breakfasts are the start to your day and they should pack not only a nutritional punch, but also a flavour one. Amanda’s week includes things like keto oatmeal with sautéed figs, eggs with kale and avocado, paleo pancakes, and even bananas with homemade cashew butter and coconut flakes.


For lunches and dinners, you can interchange any of the recipes because they’re great as leftovers! Think along the lines of butternut squash soup (for those cold winter days), citrus chili chicken with guacamole and plantains, honey mustard salmon, sweet potato burgers, and even a healthy take on your favourite Chinese dish, spaghetti squash lo mein!


If you participate in intermittent fasting like Amanda does, you may have to miss out on some of these delicious meals for that day, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have them the next!


She’s planned out a weeks worth of flavour and nutrient packed dishes that will keep your hunger at bay and leave you feeling refreshed and full of energy to take on the week! Subscribe to our dream paleo week menu to get the rest of the recipes.


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