Angela Blanchard has had a difficult, but very enlightening, journey with both her health and her children’s. Starting a family was what drew Angela to discover the paleo lifestyle and it has stuck ever since. Now, Angela dedicates her time to raising her two kids and sharing her health knowledge with others.


Included in that is her recipe creation. Angela takes delicious traditional dishes and makes them paleo so not only are they healthy, but they taste amazing, too. She’s given us her dream paleo menu and we guarantee that you will like it.


It’s simple and easy but doesn’t lack in the flavour department. Breakfasts include things like coconut flour pancakes, sweet potato “oatmeal”, and vegetable egg muffins. For lunches and dinners, she’s included recipes like paleo meatloaf, egg salad, crispy baked chicken thighs, beef stir fry and even a healthier rendition of the good ol’ beef stroganoff.


Whether you’re looking for something quick and on-the-go compliant, or a sit down dinner with your family, she has recipes for everything. Subscribe to our dream paleo week menu to check out everything she’s given us!