Everything You Need To Know About Bed Temperature Control Systems

Want to improve your sleep routine? Learn how you can use bed temperature control systems to create optimal sleeping conditions.

There is nothing better in the world than a peaceful night’s sleep! Snuggled up in a blanket, surrounded by soft pillows, with dreams of cotton candy and successful careers – if heaven truly exists, then we believe this is it! 

Sleeping soundly and restfully may sound like it doesn’t require much, but the truth is that not many people get to experience this beautiful thing in this day and age.

Average Sleep Required

We have all heard that an average of 7 hours sleep is so important. But according to a recent report by the CDC, over 35% of adults are not sleeping long enough. While a considerable part of this statistic is people who do not have enough ‘time’ to sleep, a large number have the time but still experience difficulty sleeping. 

Did you know that 1 in 4 Americans develop insomnia every year?

Now, that’s a huge number when you think of it. If you are an average American family of 4, then statistically, at least one of you finds the simple act of sleeping to be a challenge. But here’s the good news – 75 percent of the people to develop insomnia will recover by themselves!

Many people treat sleep disorders and insomnia by self-medicating with sleeping pills. However, this practice is incredibly dangerous and should never be adopted. One should only take sleeping pills if a registered physician has specially prescribed them.

What Is Stealing Our Sleep?

But why are we unable to sleep in the first place? Let’s explore the reasons.

Sleeping less than the recommended 7 hours a night is very common nowadays. As you would expect, there are many causes behind these sleeping problems as well. While some are unable to rest their eyes due to an overworking mind, others are losing their sleep over stress. 

Still, others have disturbed sleep cycles because of their crazy work schedules. Poor lifestyle choices, medical conditions, sleep disorders, and untimely mental stimulation just before bedtime make up other causes of inadequate sleep.

However, there is one huge reason why we often wake up in the middle of the night. Yes, you guessed it. It is too hot or too cold in bed. This is the problem we will be discussing at length today, and try to find a solution to it. 

And this is where bed temperature control systems come in.

What Are Bed Temperature Control Systems, And Why Do You Need Them?

Weighted blankets, heated covers, and smart temperature-controlled body pillows are all the rage these days. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, the chances are that you have seen an advertisement or two about it on your Instagram. This brings us to the question – what are these devices, and why does everyone keep raving about them?

Well, like the name tells you, bed temperature control systems are used to acquire and maintain an optimum temperature around you as you sleep. All the above items that we discussed belong to the same family. More or less, they are all used for the same purpose and function in the same way.

According to studies, you are most restful when the surrounding temperature is somewhere between 15.5 degrees C to 19.5 degrees C. This works great for people who live in San Francisco, California. But what about those who live closer to the equator or in the polar regions? How should people in India or Canada ensure a full night’s sleep?

These are the problems that are sorted by using a quality bed temperature control system! Making use of the weighted blankets and heated covers in these areas can help you get that restful sleep, which leaves you refreshed in the morning. Let’s discuss more what these bed temperature control systems can offer you.

Temperature control

Foam blankets are incredibly soft and comfortable to sleep on, but most of them have one huge drawback. The material in them tends to absorb your body heat and hold it in. Hence, this might interrupt your sleep as it gets warmer and warmer as the night goes by. 

Bed temperature control systems take care of this problem by keeping the surroundings cool. You can set your bed temperature control device to any degree in the given range, and it will maintain your desired temperature all night long.

Personalized sleep climate control for one side of the bed or two

Sometimes, you might prefer sleeping in a colder environment while your partner likes to keep warm at night. This can make sleeping together tricky for you two and can even lead to problems in the relationship itself! However, with a quality bed temperature control system, you can nip the problem in the bud.

The best bed temperature control systems today allow you to customize the temperature on either side of the bed. Making use of this innovative technology, you can personalize the sleep climate control for one side of the bed or two. Snuggling up against your partner has never felt this good!

Save on energy bills with minor AC adjustments

As we discussed above, sleeping cool is essential. But keeping the air conditioner on all through the night can build upon you. Electricity is expensive, and those bills can get out of hand real quick.

A smart solution to this problem is using perfect bed temperature control systems. The best ones can bring the bill down by 75 to 95 percent! Granted, they are an initial investment and can be quite costly. But when you look at the money, you will eventually end up saving; they are certainly worth it!

Ditch the noisy alarm with the warm awake feature

Oversleeping is something we all end up doing every once in a while. However, sleeping through an important meeting or a class is not what we can afford daily. Hence, the invention of the alarm clock.

But did you know that a loud alarm can be extremely damaging to your health? Research says that being forced awake from a deep sleep by an abrupt, noisy alarm is not doing us any favors. 

It forces our brain to instantly go from a restful state to an overly active state, and that can be detrimental to our physical and mental health. Instead of a loud, noisy alarm, science suggests that a person should be gently brought to the awake state.

This, again, can be achieved by using the best bed temperature control systems. Instead of rudely screaming at you to wake up, these bed temperature control units gradually use smart technology to rouse you from a deep sleep. 

An example of this intelligent wake-up system is the warm awake feature of many bed temperature control systems. These friendly awake alarms will slowly begin to heat your surroundings at the set time, subtly bringing you to consciousness.

Variable fan speed for white noise control

Now, people have been using white noise to help themselves sleep for a long time. A slight buzz in the background can train your mind to slowly ‘get bored’ to sleep. It has the opposite effect of stimulating your brain and, instead, lowers the activity level. This is why you will find this feature in most of the bed temperature control systems – or in at least the ones that are good!

Many different methods control the white noise. One of the most popular ways to do it is by controlling the fan speed. The OOLER and ChiliPAD are two-bed temperature control units by Chili that feature this ability.

What Makes Up A Full Bed Temperature Control System?

There are many different brands today that offer full-bed temperature control systems. However, Chili products remain matchless in their excellent performance and incredible features. This is also the brand that we see the most endorsed on the internet. 

It has made fans across the celebrity community and regular people alike. For this reason, the ChiliBLANKET remains our top choice whenever it comes to a bed temperature control system.

The ChiliBlanket is the world’s first water-powered temperature control weighted blanket. It is used by people of all ages around the world to make their sleep more restful. To get the most out of your ChiliBlanket, hook it up to an OOLER or ChiliPad. This enables it to function as the hydro-powered temperature-controlling device that it is designed to be.

Final Thoughts

So, are you ready to make the switch yet? If you are facing any sleeping irregularities, we recommend you jump on the bandwagon immediately. Trust us. This is not just a cool thing to do. A bed temperature control system can potentially turn your life around. Remember, a well-rested person is a happy person!

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Everything You Need To Know About Bed Temperature Control Systems

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