Man has always kept animals by their sides. In earlier times, owning a dog was much more about the protection it offered than the company. Everybody had to hunt for their own food, but you could not go hunting into the forest without your loyal hounds to help you catch the dinner for the night.

Getting mauled by wild animals while you were on a hunt was a legit threat. However, as man learned to grow crops and build communities, not everybody had to hunt anymore, and not everyone needed their personal pet bodyguards. Even so, the attachment between humans and their pets remained the same.

The modern man keeps pets because of the companionship they offer. Pets are there for you when nobody else is. They have a fantastic ability to comfort you when you are sad, to make you feel like you are not alone, and to cheer you up when life has got you down.

But with all the benefits that come from owning a furry, there are some challenges too. Fortunately, we have websites such as Alpha Paw producing innovative pet products that help us deal with these everyday challenges in a resourceful manner.


Why Is Alpha Paw Any Pet Owner’s Savior?

Alpha Paw is a market for all things you need to make your pet feel like part of the family. Its products are mainly centered around canines and felines but could be used for a variety of other domestic animals too. They are a team of animal lovers trying their best at making your dear pet’s life as comfortable and enjoyable as ever.

The creators of Alpha Paw are incredibly passionate about strengthening the bond between pets and their keepers. For this, they create numerous ingenious pet products that you will not find at any other pet store. Their Cozy Calming Bed for Cats will keep your kitty comfortable, the ScratchyNip Catnip will lift her spirits up unlike anything else, and the ScratchyPad Ramp will keep your furniture safe from her kitty claws.

Similarly, they have a variety of products to offer when it comes to dogs as well. In this article, we will be reviewing some of their bestselling doggy deals.

1. The Car Safety Seat

Product Features

Unmatched safety for your pooch

What dog does not love car rides? But if you are always extra anxious about your driving when you have your pup in the backseat, you should invest in this car safety seat at the earliest. The traveling pooch booster seat has two adjustable leash attachments to allow up to two pups to sit safely inside. The removable boards around the perimeter of the seat provide additional security if needed.

Durable and long-lasting

Let’s face it – puppies are excited little balls of energy, and that typically translates to destruction. For this reason, you need a car seat that has some extra strength and durability to it. Here, the traveling pooch booster seat exceeds your expectations. Made from sturdy oxford fabric, this car seat is resilient to any excited little nibbles from your pup.

Easy cleanups

Afraid of any toilet accidents during a long car ride? The traveling pooch car booster makes sure you suffer as little as possible in such an unfortunate scenario. In case of any mess, simply take off the removable fleece interior of the car seat and throw it in the washing machine!


  • Has an extra pocket at the front for storage of small items
  • Comfortable for your pup
  • Allows your dog to look out the window safely
  • Easy to clean


  • Can only safely hold weights of up to 33 lbs

2. The Magic Pee Pads

Product Features

Amazing absorbency

The Magic Pee Pads are essential for anyone who has been facing difficulty potty training their puppies. The Magic Pee Pads available at Alpha Paw absorb 5x as much, and 5x as fast, as any other dog training pads in the market. Now you can leave home safely with the reliving knowledge that your floors will not be ruined by the time you come back.


The Magic Pee Pads are designed to hide any evidence of doggy doo-doo until the time comes to change them. In this regard, they use carbon technology to eliminate any odors and feature a dry lock polymer core that instantly turns all liquid into gel. The black pads are specially crafted to hide the appearance of unappealing yellow spots and are great at locking pee and poo alike.

Pheromone attraction

To ensure that your pet doesn’t ruin the carpets, the Magic Pee Pads feature a pheromone attraction that calls your pup to the pad when he needs to go. This pheromone attraction makes sure your furry friend feels comfortable and safe when using the bathroom.


6 layer construction
No more scrubbing your floors to death
Eliminates odors to keep things fresh
Great for young puppies and mature dogs alike


Even the XL pads are not very large

3. The PawRamp

Product Features

Adjustable heights

The PawRamp is the perfect pet product for those who are concerned about their furries injuring themselves while running about and jumping. The PawRamp Full offers you 4 different heights of 12, 16, 20, and 24 inches – making it perfect for your bed and couch.

If you do not allow your pup on the bed, you might want to buy the PawRamp Lite instead. With two adjustable heights of 12 and 16 inches, it gives your pooch just enough of a lift to get on the couch.

Easy storage

Both of these PawRamp variants are designed to take minimal space during storage. The ramp folds flat to a height of mere 3.5 inches and can be easily stowed under a bed or tucked behind the couch.

No assembly needed

The PawRamp comes fully assembled, so you do not have to waste time figuring out what screw goes where. Simply take it out of the package, unfold it, and voila! Your pet has brilliant support to help him on the couch on his own.


Lightweight and portable
Available in two different models – the PawRamp full, and the PawRamp Lite
Super convenient


Not suitable for dogs weighing more than 80 lbs

Wrapping It Up

When you love your pets, you want the very best for them. The above products by Alpha Paw make everyday life easier for both, you and your furry friends. They ensure their safety, help teach them discipline, and minimize the daily challenges of having a pet. With these innovative pet products by your side, your struggles with your furry friend can be resolved to a great extent!