Lauran cooks up deicious creations out of London! In this post we share with you Lauran’s best tips for optimal digestion and health. Check them out:


  • Aim for a 90/10 or at least 80/20 balanced approach of whole and organic foods to naughty treats, this means letting go a little on weekends in between my usual organic, cooking everything from scratch routine
  • Eat only organic chicken and sustainably farmed fish, with occasional grass-fed beef and bone marrow to get a boost in nutrients
  • Instead of a large serving of simple carbs to go with every meal I now include a large serving of leafy greens, I used to be a carb queen, convinced that I would starve without them. I’ve now discovered they just make me hungrier because they raise my blood sugar level too quickly!
  • Begin the day with fat, protein or both especially when I know I’ll need to keep hunger away for longer
  • Focus lunch around protein
  • Be mindful of correct food combining- protein only with non starchy vegetables and try to eat fruit alone (these two I struggle with because it makes cooking less interesting and definitely more challenging!)
  • Only eat low lactose, organic dairy- butter, ghee and yoghurt
  • Avoid grains on the whole but allow occasional brown/ wild rice, quinoa, millet and buckwheat
  • Bake your own sweet treats using xylitol, coconut sugar or whole dates with grain or gluten free alternatives
  • If I am caught off guard and ravenous, my go-to snack is yoghurt which I combine with cacao nibs, nut butter, carob powder and coconut flakes or the cereal and ajm that I make because it’s the closest thing you’ll get to grabbing a tub of ice cream and the fat satiates you so much more than ice cream!
  • Make coconut butter your best friend when you need a hit of sweet, it has only 1g of natural sugar per tablespoon
  • Avoid anything containing yeast and if you must eat bread then make it sourdough, which is the real original bread that uses fermentation, not yeast, and which actually helps to pre-digest a lot of the gluten for you and never seems to affect me negatively
  • Eat lots of fermented food, preferably home-made as the live bacteria will be just that, alive and thriving to then do the same for your gut. I drink 2-3 cups of fermented cabbage juice everyday and it’s way better than any shop bought probiotic!
  • Only eat cold foods such as salad at lunch time when your digestive fire is high
  • Eat lighter in the evenings, such as steamed/ roasted vegetables, soups or intermittent fasting with vegetable or bone broth
  • When you notice that digestion seems weak or you are once again showing signs of food intolerance (an immune system response) which can be something as simple as your nose running or having to clear your throat after eating something or when you just feel a lack energy and run down, do a day of just vegetable or bone broth fasting and lots and lots of water, to allow your digestive system to rest, heal inflammation and clear your detox pathways which I find basically resets me and helps me to wake up fresh and full of energy the following day.

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