Coming from a background of chef training, health coaching, as well as just having a general passion for health and wellness, Beth Lipton knows how to cook — and she knows how to make it healthy without skimping on flavour.

Spending years trying to figure out her gut and digestive issues, Beth can attest to how diet is everything. But she also knows that cutting everything out so you’re left with no enjoyable foods isn’t the answer either. That’s why she operates on the principle that the diet or lifestyle you follow must serve you. Everyone is unique and therefore has different needs, so find what’s right for you and stick to it! But don’t let eating a certain way keep you from experimenting and making food that’s both delicious and healthy. Keep it simple and make sure you’re getting joy from eating!

With Beth’s recipes, you’re getting more than you bargained for because this girl has a way with food!

If you thought dessert can’t be eaten for breakfast, think again. With Beth’s paleo cherry crumble bars, they’re almost healthy enough that you can sub your morning meal for one of these. Loaded with healthy fats from almond flour, shredded coconut, and walnuts, sandwiched between a tart and delicious filling of cherries, they’re sure to be a hit around your house.

But dessert isn’t all Beth does. If you’re looking for some quick and healthy meals to take for lunch, she’s got you covered there, too. How about paleo salmon cakes with a side of fattoush salad, or grilled eggplant caprese. It’s all of your favourite classic dishes gone paleo.

If you’re in need of some paleo-approved appetizers for a holiday get-together, she also has those covered. How does lemon shrimp or chilli spiced sweet potato peels sound? Or what about a Sicilian-inspired caponata made with eggplant, onions, celery, capers, olive oil, and vinegar to top some homemade crispy crostini?   

If these dishes don’t make your taste buds water, we don’t know what will. Subscribe to our weekly Dream Paleo Week to see more of what’s happening in the kitchen! Also be sure to check out Beth’s featured recipe for making your own curry spice mix — it’s simple, easy, and sure to make your next curry a huge hit.





Photo credit: Crayola England