Growing up as a competitive figure skater meant Breeanna Verna was well aware of her body and weight. Throughout high school, she continued her education on nutrition, but it wasn’t until college that things really started to ramp up. Going through for massage therapy, she also decided to pursue the personal training route and learned everything about fitness.


Currently working as a registered dietician at a medical clinic and running a personal online nutrition business, Breeanna uses her knowledge and experience to help other people struggling with health issues. She’s found that paleo has helped to alleviate the majority of her health conditions — food allergies and digestive issues — and wants to give you access to all of the delicious recipes she enjoys on a weekly basis.


For Breeanna’s dream paleo week, it’s about sticking to simple, healthy recipes that can be cooked in batches to save you time.


Breeanna occasionally likes to intermittent fast, so breakfasts may be black coffee or things like a 3 minute breakfast biscuit, breakfast veggie egg bake, or breakfast cookies. For lunches and dinners, she sticks to simple things like turkey or chicken stuffed bell peppers, creamy cauliflower alfredo with spaghetti squash, fish with low-carb carrot fries, and a balance bowl loaded with chicken, greens, quinoa, and any other fresh veggies you want. But if you’re in the mood for a “cheat meal”, she’s got you covered with some super yummy 4 ingredients apricot glazed chicken wings. 


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