After years of flip flopping between vegetarian and veganism, in 2015 Cheryl Malik discovered the Whole30 and paleo — and it turned her life around. For years, Cheryl struggled with poor sleep, jaw pain, and since the birth of her son, stubborn baby weight that she just couldn’t lose. Starting the Whole30 and paleo didn’t just fix the issues she had previously been dealing with, but also helped her lose that weight. Since then, Cheryl has been hooked. 


Her blog, 40 Aprons, is her outlet for sharing simple, easy, and healthy whole food recipes for anyone who follows the paleo lifestyle, or simply just wants delicious, nutrient rich food. In her dream paleo week, she’s got a lineup of amazing recipes.


Cheryl loves to keep breakfasts interesting with things like paleo cereal, hash brown and sausage casseroles, and paleo pumpkin churro waffles. For lunches and dinners, she cooks up chicken cobb salads, slow cooker Mexican shredded chicken, chimichurri flank steak, Tom Kha soup, creamy clam chowder, and chili


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