When someone in your family becomes ill, it changes the life of everyone around them. For Darrell Burns, his mother’s health diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and fibromyalgia was enough to facilitate a change. Having studied exercise science in college, he gained an understanding of how food impacts the body and why making good choices is so important, but trying to help heal his mother provided a deeper connection with food and the body. Switching to a paleo lifestyle not only made Darrell feel better, but it helped his mother as well.


Now, Darrel shares his food creations on his Instagram account and wants to share them with you. For his dream paleo week, he’s lined up some simple yet completely healthy and delicious meals for you. 


He puts a healthy twist on a childhood favourite like twice baked potatoes with broccoli and shrimp, broccoli and Brussel sprouts, shrimp and chicken jambalaya, and everything bagel chicken wings. Or if you’re looking for a nutrient dense bowl that you can whip together in no time, how about a lemon chicken bowl, spicy red pepper chicken bowl, or a mustard chicken garden bowl with spinach, red cabbage and cauliflower. 


Snacks are equally as delicious with things like paleo banana bread, cheesy keto buns, and blueberry muffins.


Let us tell you, he doesn’t skimp on flavour and nutrients. If you want access to all of Darrell’s amazing recipes, make sure you sign up for our dream paleo week menu: