Having a dairy allergy and struggling with IBS for many years, Dory Schrader knows what it’s like to have to make dietary and lifestyle changes. In an effort to get her health back on track and get rid of her IBS symptoms, Dory tried a low-FODMAP diet, which ended up working wonders on not only reducing her symptoms, but giving her more energy and better sleep. 


Next came the Whole Life Challenge, which was really the instigator of her transition into paleo. Currently, Dory and her family follow a modified approach to paleo, which means they eat rice and legumes, enjoy the occasional glass of wine, avoid red meat for environmental reasons, and prepare a few vegan options each week. 


Dory finds this works best for her family and encourages you to seek what works best for your body and your family. She’s a huge advocate of having leftovers because they are both a cost and time-saving practice, so you’ll notice there are days in her dream paleo menu where she prepares extra portions. But with Dory, leftovers definitely don’t mean they’re not as good!


For breakfasts, Dory loves things like zucchini fritters, paleo pumpkin pie muffins, and strawberry Nutella scones. And best of all? All of these recipes make enough that you can eat them throughout the week! 


Lunches and dinners often incorporate leftovers as well with recipes like creamy miso chicken salad with tahini butter sweet potatoes, Mexican chorizo, paleo fish sticks, mole chicken with roasted sweet potatoes and paleo zucchini fritters. Cooking a few extra servings as dinner usually means you can repurpose for the next days lunch and save time!


And if you have a sweet tooth, she’s also included things like peach blueberry crumble, spiced zucchini bread, and vegan carrot cake bread!


If you think these sound delicious, Dory has more where they came from. Sign up for our dream paleo week menu and access all of her mouth watering recipes.