GUEST POST GUIDELINES was created out of desire to help individuals interested in optimizing their health, productivity and life, do it through adhering to the primal-inspired way of eating and living. The content we share is focused on the unique approaches that people around the world take to the paleo diet and lifestyle, providing our readers with creative paleo recipes and well researched, cutting-edge information in the paleo, low carb, keto and natural living space.

The readers are coming to us, because they are interested in such popular topics as, for example:

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Citations, Links, and Relationships

  • External links can be used when you include outside perspectives, evidence etc.
  • If you refer to any scientific claims as a given, make sure that you only use credible sources, including research studies and major publications. Wikipedia is not considered a credible source because the information is often incorrect and not references.
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Publishing Process

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Content Republishing

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The Benefits

We want our Paleo Voices to produce the best content possible. This helps us achieve our goal of helping others succeed in health and life. When you write well for us, we will continue to support you in any way we can: exposure on social media, promotion of your services, if available, providing you with an opportunity to become a regular author, etc.



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