Haylee Monteiro has had quite the journey when it comes to health and body image. Being on the heavier side for most of her life, she’s all too familiar with not being comfortable with herself. As a total foodie and an overachieving academically-inclined student, being terrible at sports only made things worse. She was always focused on studying and working hard to achieve her academic goals, while putting her health and fitness goals on the back burner — she just “didn’t have the time.”


Despite trying and not being completely successful, Haylee ventured into the land of keto where things finally took a turn. She started losing weight, hitting the gym regularly, and finally being happy. And although she didn’t know how to cook before heading down this path, she’s figured out her way around the kitchen and has created some amazing and delicious recipes that she’s shared for her dream paleo week.


Whether you like sweet or savoury, Haylee’s breakfasts are a great way to start your day and will provide you with endless energy until your next meal. We’re talking about things like coconut flour pancakes, chocolate peanut butter protein bowls, and spaghetti squash egg white frittatas. All simple, delicious and full of nutrients to keep you going.


Lunches and dinners are just as amazing with things like turmeric chickpea cauliflower falafel with homemade garlic hummus, zucchini corn fritters, sweet potato patties with a spicy yogurt sauce, creamy garlic scallops, herb mustard glazed salmon with garlic butter broccoli, and hot and crispy cajun tilapia. 


And let’s not forget about post-workout treats and snacks. Haylee has crafted up sweet and healthy treats like triple chocolate zucchini brownies, coconut almond fudge cups, and peanut butter and banana protein shakes. 


Whatever your craving may be, Haylee’s recipes are sure to hit the sweet spot.


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