Heidi Perry is a musician, writer, instructional designer, and food blogger from Columbus, Ohio. She loves spending time outdoors with her husband and their two sweet boys (who happen to be dogs). Now, Heidi is very passionate about nutrition and the link between food and health. But, before she discovered all the benefits of the Paleo diet, she was like the majority of people; Heidi had no idea what her body truly needs.

Leading the busy life of a musician, Heidi often found herself eating deep-fried food in bars. She was a vegetarian, but she didn’t have any strict guidelines for what she would put into her body. Then, in 2009, Heidi became very ill after being exposed to toxic mold. Soon she figured out that cutting out grains, sugar, and dairy made her feel better. Even though her health started improving, she developed several other conditions including celiac disease.

After doing some research, Heidi actually realized that she could use food as medicine and she tried out a modified form of the Paleo diet. Even though she doesn’t subscribe to one specific diet, she feels the best when sticking to Paleo guidelines. Heidi believes that if you want to go Paleo, a great place to start is by eating tons of veggies and nutrient-rich, unprocessed foods. However, restricting yourself is wrong. Even Heidi occasionally eats foods that are not Paleo-approved. In her opinion, the key to staying happy and healthy is eating what makes you feel the best.

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