Anyone who struggles with food sensitivities and intolerances knows how difficult eating can be. For Helen Butcher, being diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2011 meant her eating habits needed a serious shift. This meant going from someone who fixed her hunger with toast, to someone who couldn’t eat bread anymore.


After trying a gluten free diet, Helen noticed that her stomach bloating had reduced, her joints stopped aching, and her fatigue had disappeared. At first, however, she tried substituting her regular crackers and breads with their gluten-free counterparts, but soon realized that they were filled with nothing but unhealthy ingredients. She began eating less and less breads, curbed her snacking, and started to turn her diet around.


Check out Helen’s carrot cake flapjacks recipe here.


In order to maintain her body’s health, Helen needed to ensure she was getting the proper balance of nutrients, which led her to study Nutritional Therapy. Her studies provided her with the knowledge she needed to progress her recovery.


Now, Helen is much more aware of what kinds of food her body needs and when it needs them. This allows her to properly nourish her body according to what she needs to live her best and healthiest gluten-free life.


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