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Health is a blessing, and most people always search for healthy, nutritious drinks to attain their health goals. The HLTH Code meal replacement shakes are the best replacement diet to maintain a balanced lifestyle. 

However, some people never believe in skipping meals. Instead, they go for small portions to get their ideal weight. But this HLTH Code meal replacement shake is low carb having a high amount of protein as an essential ingredient. Thus, it can replace your one-time meal, and its daily dose is sufficient to fulfill your dietary needs. Therefore, you can reduce your weight without starving or skipping your meal. 

You must be thinking about why HLTH Code shakes rather than any other protein shake. That’s something interesting and stay with us to get the detailed e=review of this product. 

That sounds good. Right?

Who is behind HLTH Code shakes?

If we don’t talk about the man behind this nutritious shake, it won’t be good. Dr.Bikman is a metabolic scientist and has done a lot of hard work to introduce and create this shake with tons of beneficiary components. So, after comprehensive research and working with some nutritionists, he made this energy-rich shake that’s not only a meal replacement diet but also keto-friendly. So, you can take it without worrying about the extra carbs in your diet. 

Moreover, people with diabetes or any other health issue can also reduce weight. So this meal will meet the dietary demands and never feel you down all day long. So why you can’t handle low? And why this shake is a complete meal replacement diet? Let me tell you. A code meal replacement shake is an energy-efficient meal because of the composition’s rich amount of fats and protein. 

What is the significance of HLTH Code Complete Meal Shakes?

With code meal replacement shake is keto-friendly and obese people can trim their body faster than before. This is because its required daily dose increases the metabolic rate of body and body cells get in ketosis to reduce the weight rapidly. Thus, you can acquire your expected results within days, and there will be no lethargy and weakness after taking this shake. 

Furthermore, skipping a meal is not a healthy option, and you must be thankful after using this complete meal option. Hence, its available in powder form, and its various flavors will serve you with the best dietary option. Thus, you can enjoy your life, and the best part of this meal is that it will keep you strong and fresh with primary health goals. 

Nutritional value of HLTH Code shake

After buying this energy-rich diet, you will see that it contains a high amount of protein and fats. Some people believe that it’s keto-friendly and only obese people can take this meal. But this concept is wrong. It’s a high-energy diet, and people of all ages can take this shake without worrying about any side effects. Its nutritional value is mentioned with a comprehensive breakdown of ingredients. 

Thus, you can choose what is suitable for your health. The essential ingredients are organic, and they deliver an excellent purpose with fantastic after effects. The body transformation and the beautiful figure will attract the people towards you, and you will gain your confidence back to spend an everyday healthy life. 

Let’s explore its nutritional values to get a better assessment. 

Vegan No 
Probiotics yes
Organic in nature No
Micronutrients yes
Prohibited ingredients No
Artificial sweeteners Yes
Synthetic additives Yes 

Now, we would discuss the main ingredients of this small yet powerful package to help you detail your needs. Let’s have a look and make your buying decision faster.


When looking at HLTH Code meal replacement shake ingredients, we first include carbohydrates in our list. Some diet-conscious people always see the elements and watch for carbs rather. That’s why we have started with this one. Well, getting an estimate of carbohydrate ratio, you will see the following detail. 

  • Total Carbs: 13g, 5% of DV.
  • Sugars: 2g.
  • Of which added: 0g.
  • Fiber: 9g, 31% of DV.

However, there is no sugar alcohol in this shake to break down your ketosis. So, this fiber-rich diet will improve your digestion and help you get the primary health goals by saving your energy. You can buy the flavor of your choice, and there would be no difference in nutritional value in any other flavor. 

The shake will provide you a total of 4g of net carbs, and some insoluble ingredients like maltodextrin, digestion resistant dextrin, and inulin may cause hindrance indigestion and slow down the metabolic rate. 


Protein is the main component of HLTH Code shake. Protein helps to increase the lean mass. Some people like to take an energy-efficient meal when on a diet. Thus, to get the HLTH code meal replacement shakes, you must watch for the protein and carbs ratio to get the best diet for you. If you are skipping your meal, you are not compromising on your health after taking this product. 

Moreover, its power ingredient is available in the following ratio, and the source is purely organic to facilitate the users. 

  • Total Protein: 27g, 55% of DV.
  • Source: whey protein concentrate, grass-fed collagen, egg whites

Whey protein is the best source of energy when doing the keto diet. Because of this source, you won’t feel low in your weight loss journey and will maintain your health issues. The required dietary dose will fill your tummy, and you won’t feel staring for the whole day. It’s best to take this meal for breakfast, and the entire day will be fresh and active to carry on your daily schedule. 

Well, there is 6g of collagen to provide you a nutritious and energy-rich diet. In addition, it will be beneficial for joints, skin, bones, and other vital organs. Thus, you can take this diet to better yourself by keeping your esteem high. 


Fats are the significant components of healthy living, so is having omega fatty acid and saturated fats. It’s essential to know the fat breakdown; 27 % of total fats and 17 % are saturated fats. So, fats usually come from tri chain glycerides and saturated fats from coconut oil. 

  • Total Fats: 27g, 35% of DV.
  • Saturated Fats: 17.0g, 87% of DV.
  • Omega-3s (ALA).
  • Omega-6s.

You can consume a high amount of saturated fats because the keto diet will provide you enough energy to maintain your lifestyle. Thus, keto-friendly meals are the best option to trim your body without lowering down your point. To get the HLTH code meal replacement shakes as a complete dietary component is no worst option because of their friendly fat composition.

Most people like to use MCTs being in ketosis. Thus, this shake will support ketosis, and you can reduce your weight faster than before. Besides this, it’s the best meal option for people with diabetes. 

Other ingredients 

Ultimately, you must be thinking, if we have talked about main ingredients. Then, why necessary to dig into the detail. It’s apparent from the research, micro-ingredients play an essential part in any dietary product. In the case of HLTH code shake, you must know about everything to buy the product that could be suitable for you. 

Thus, Calcium (31%), Potassium (9%), Phosphorus (32%), and Magnesium (26%) are below that mark. Even then, all (except for Potassium) are above what you would expect from 400kcal (20%).

However, it’s a calculated amount that could lead you to your best buying decision. We provide you much information and help you get a better review with a detailed package analysis. 

Still, we have left with our opinion lets find out to value your time and money. 

HLTH code replacement meal review in a nutshell

We have talked a lot about the essential ingredients and the nutritional value of this diet. It’s a keto-friendly shake that could help you reduce weight within days. The pure and natural diet with all energy-efficient ingredients is ideal for working people, and you can enjoy losing weight with the best of your health. 

If you are looking for the best combination of ingredients and performance, you must watch for this shake to get better results. It’s available in two packages, and you can buy one that could accommodate your taste and needs. The best thing is its energy-rich option for people with tired of exercise and workouts. Yes! That’s true. You can still lose weight by taking this power-packed meal replacement shake. 

What did we like? 

  • Most keto shakes shave a typical buttery smell, but this meal replacement shake doesn’t have that smell or oily flavors. It’s non-sticky to the tongue, and you can consume this product without worrying about an oily and buttery aroma. 
  • There are no filler and binders in composition. Instead, it’s the best combination of good fats and protein to provide them enough energy for the whole day. 
  • The plus point of this shake is that its protein source is from whey and eggs. These ingredients are slow absorbing and provide energy with much consumption of vitamins and minerals as well. 
  • Formulated with pure natural ingredients, HLTH Code meal replacements won’t slow down your ketosis. 
  • The product is available at an affordable rate, and an easy shipping option will help the buyers purchase this shake comfortably. 
  • The efficient and detailed micro-ingredients help increase the body’s metabolic activities with a perfectly balanced ratio of vitamins and minerals.  

What we don’t like

  • There are only two flavors of this dietary product, and there should be more tasteful flavors to serve the people. 
  • Some people think that its texture is thin, and there should be some more fibers to thicken the texture and aid the healthy GIT functions. 
  • The prices should be lower down when not in the deals package. 

What are some grass features of this product? 

Grass features are necessary to mention because most people observe the texture and the smell of the food before consumption. Thus, we have found some elements that could help you in making your wise decision. Let’s explore them.


There are two flavors named chocolate macadamia and creamy vanilla. Both are rich in protein and fats. It’s your choice which taste do you like for yourself. Hence, chocolate macadamia doesn’t have much sweetener, but the goods of chocolate enrich this shake to provide efficient energy. At the same time, creamy vanilla is rich in sweetener and can detail your sugar cravings as well. 


It comes in powder form, and after mixing it with water, you will get a thin composition. It’s not as smelly, oily, and buttery as most meal replacement drinks do. Thus, you can consume this shake without any worry. 

How to mix

You can mix the required dose in water, and it contains eggs and whey protein already. So, there will be no lumps, and you can combine the powder easily. 

Feeding time 

It’s rich in energy, vitamins, and minerals. Thus, you can’t feel hungry for a good 4 to 5 hours. So, stay full and active all day long. 

Price and packages 

If we talk about its price, it’s pretty accurate enough to deal with your extra body fat. The weight loss products don’t have quick results, but this shake will help you get in shape faster. So, to get the HLTH Code meal replacement shake, you find the following packages. 

  • 15 Meal bag (2.58lb) –> $4/400kcal; $59.95 per bag.
  • With subscription (18%): 15 Meal bag –> $3.33/400kcal; $49.95 per bag.

However, it’s fair enough to deal with your body fats and provide you the lifestyle that you deserve. 

Final thoughts 

Finally, I have made things relatively easy for you. You can buy the energy-rich drink at an affordable price. Hence, to get the HLTH Code meal replacement shake, you must watch this detailed review. It comprises many beneficial aspects of the diet that could help you in making your buying decision. 

Thus, make your life easy and get the best meal replacement diet to accommodate your dietary needs. Stay fit and healthy!

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Complete Overview Of HLTH Code shakes

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