Packing your life up and moving to a new country can be a challenge. For Janine Klinegal, the move from Thailand to Australia meant an entirely new diet and lifestyle — cows dairy, baked goods and pastries, pizza, and pasta on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis. As a result, this led to the development of both skin disorders and IBS. For Janine, paleo not only improved her self-confidence, but also her health.

Janine is a big advocate of oil pulling, so each morning she starts her day off with a cup of lemon water and oil pulling with coconut oil. Before breakfast, she also drinks 1/2 cup of celery juice. Most days, Janine eats omelettes for breakfast, so they’re a staple in her dream paleo week.

If it isn’t an herb omelette with avocado for breakfast, it’s coconut pancakes with lime cream — both delicious and filled with nutrients. 

Lunches and dinners are also amazing with recipes like slow cooked beef casserole, pan fried sardines with garlic and black pepper sauce, green curry chicken with broccoli, rice and stir-fried leafy greens, or slow cooked BBQ lamb rice with a garden salad.

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