As a busy nurse and mom to a toddler, Jessica @carbfreecarbme doesn’t have all the free time in the world. While not super strict on her eating, she is health conscious but is also a huge advocate of balance — everything in moderation.


For the past 20 years, Jessica has opted for a low-carb approach because she finds it reduces bloating, gives her more energy, and avoids any symptoms of IBS that develop from repetitive food intake. But it’s only been over the past year that Jessica has taken an interest in the paleo diet and how to adapt it into her lifestyle.


As a parent, time isn’t always on Jessica’s side so her meals are simple and generally more on the “wing it” side than having everything measured out. She believes that everyone should enjoy what they eat and it’s definitely reflected in her dream paleo week.


Here’s what she has lined up for you.


Breakfasts may be quick and simple, but they’re definitely not lacking in taste. Choose from things like smashed avocado with poached eggs, ham and tomato rolls, chorizo and tomato omelettes, or opt for something lighter like fruit salad. Lunches follow along the same line of simplicity with dishes like smoked salmon roulade, tomato and basil chili soup, and simple soy beef stir-fry.


Dinners get even more exciting with dishes like slow baked brisket with smoked cheddar celeriac mash and broccoli, pork bibimbap, chicken Française, or baked Thai chicken curry with crispy kale.


You may not have carbs since Jessica sticks to a low-carb approach to eating, but you surely won’t be missing them with all the flavour and goodness packed into her recipes.


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