Growing up, we are taught that if you  manage what you eat and exercise regularly, you can eat whatever you want — but we’re not taught that it isn’t quite that simple. Juli and her husband, Jon, grew up thinking this, too. But it wasn’t until her pets’ vet bills came in and her husband was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that Juli really decided to dig a bit deeper and find out what was really going on with the health of herself and her husband. This meant a diet overhaul that was paleo-compliant — no grains, dairy, sugar, industrial seed oils, or processed foods, as well as a consistent exercise routine, meditation, removing toxins from their daily lives, and introducing themselves to functional medicine.


Now, Juli strives to teach people the ‘unconventional information’ that should be common knowledge – your health outcome is not a genetic lottery, it is completely within your control through food and lifestyle choices. 


Juli’s dream paleo week menu is based on simplicity and being prepared for every meal with no excuses to eat out. She utilizes intermittent fasting with a 6-7 hour feeding window within which she consumes the bulk of her calories, usually 1-7 PM. 


For the most part, her morning starts with a blended drink containing MCT and coconut oil to hold her until her first meal. Juli’s secret to save time is to prep more than she needs for one meal so it can be used later in the week. Because Juli’s life is so tightly integrated with her dogs, she likes to feed them according to their ancestral needs, too. You’ll find a note at the end of each day to offer your dog expansion to his or her food-scope to incorporate more fresh food for your pooch.


But for us humans, Juli has quite the menu planned. Breakfast is usually a loaded Bulletproof coffee with all the good stuff — mushrooms, maca, ashwagandha, cinnamon, vanilla, and coconut — a matcha green tea latte with MCT oil and coconut milk, or occasionally paleo blueberry muffins.


Since Juli breaks her fast with lunch, she has some delicious things planned; shredded chicken with fajita vegetables over greens, roasted cauliflower hummus with raw vegetables, and hidden veggie meatballs with sautéed mushrooms, onions, and broccoli. Dinners sound just as good with things like zucchini noodles with vegetable marinara, bunless guacamole burgers, and seafood jambalaya.


If you’re in need of a little snack to tide you over, Juli’s included some simple recipes like oven roasted cauliflower, bacon wrapped asparagus, paleo jambalaya and berries with coconut whipped cream.


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