Kailen’s paleo transition has been a pretty fluid one. Before moving out on her own, she never really gave much thought to how much of certain macronutrients and food she should eat. But once she gained more knowledge and really started to tune into how her body felt when she ate certain foods, she was able to make better choices for her body that left her feeling energized and not bogged down.

Now, being a new mom, Kailen’s days are busy, and there isn’t always time for cooking. How does she work with the busyness of a new baby? Shop and meal prep on the weekends — it’s her tip for making sure there are no kinks in your week and you stay on track!

So what does Kailen really eat? She’s given us her dream paleo week, and to be honest, it sounds amazing!

Breakfasts consisting of Potato & Bacon Egg Cups, avocado toast with olives and tomato, bacon spinach frittatas, or a good old bulletproof coffee. And she doesn’t skimp on lunch and dinner either. While they may be simple, they’re packed full of flavour — think grilled chicken salad with green goddess dressing, coconut chicken nuggets, and InstantPot Hawaiian pork and coleslaw.

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