As a dietician, Kalee Lundmark has always eaten somewhat “healthy,” but like most other people, the Standard American Diet was her go to, which is full of gluten-filled carbs, refined sugar, and packaged foods. Despite cooking most of her meals from scratch, she still ate foods that contributed to inflammation.


After the birth of her third child, Kalee was constantly feeling exhausted and experiencing a lot of new digestive issues; she was struggling to lose weight, was having neurological symptoms that doctors couldn’t explain, and was desperate to feel healthy and full of energy.


Kalee began reading books and articles searching for answers, which is where she came across paleo and its link to healing gut and brain issues. She made a shopping list, cleaned out her pantry, and started on her new journey to the paleo lifestyle. After being on paleo for just a couple weeks, Kalee felt like a new person; she was losing weight, her neurological symptoms had disappeared, and her energy had returned. 


Changing eating styles can be challenging, overwhelming, and downright difficult for anyone. But for a busy mom with 4 kids under the age of 6, she was in need of easy and affordable recipes that her entire family could enjoy. After reading loads of paleo recipes and cookbooks, Kalee has learned to plan meals that are easy, delicious, and don’t require hours in the kitchen.


Interested to learn more about Kalee and try some of her recipes, like her stuffed cabbage bowls? Check out her website at and follow her on Instagram and Facebook!


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