Kelly has had quite the journey with food. Growing up like any other child, she consumed foods that were factory farmed, highly processed, and ridden with herbicides, pesticides, and glyphosate. It wasn’t until her later years that she became interested in biodynamic farming, permaculture, food prep, kitchen literacy, and organic gardening., which drastically changed the way she viewed food and her health. Since then, Kelly has changed her life entirely.


Although she occasionally likes to experiment and add “supplements” to her recipes (actual food, nootropics and adaptogens), she prefers simplicity and low fuss recipes. Kelly’s recipes are meant to be experimented with and personalized to suit your preferences. All of the recipes provided in her dream paleo week reflect her current style of eating — 99% organic/biodynamic, full of colour and abundance, nutrient dense, from the earth, and informed by the seasons where she lives. 


Kelly truly believes that all whole foods are “superfoods” and it’s not necessary to spend a fortune on the trendiest supplement. She makes it a priority to feel amazing after eating and these recipes are a small sample of what works for her. 


Breakfasts are a richly nourishing start to your day with recipes like raspberry tahini pancakes, spiced banana bread, carrot nut muffins, and a savoury loaded breakfast bowl with chlorella pesto. If that’s not enough to get you started, Kelly also gives you beverage options with things like a healing ginger and turmeric tonic, matcha tea, and a supercharged green smoothie. 


For your mid-day pick-me-up, Kelly loves dishes like dal chat with sepen (Tibetan hot sauce), Ayurvedic kitchari served with curry fries and miso gravy, or buckwheat gnocchi. The deliciousness doesn’t stop there because you still have dinners — and Kelly has quite the menu. With dishes like pan seared cauliflower steaks, tempeh bowls with peanut sauce, and soba noodles with garlicky kale mashed potatoes, you’ll be looking forward to your next meal as soon as you’re done eating.


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