After years of weight gain, infertility and stress, Kelly Warner and her husband snapped out of their poor eating habits after the birth of their first child. Realizing if it wasn’t something she should feed to her kids, why feed it to herself was the turning point for Kelly. She began cooking, reading, and listening to podcasts on health in an effort to turn her life around.


For Kelly and her husband, the Whole30 was a saving grace. As of now, they have completed four rounds of the program and are ecstatic with the results. Not only has she lost all of the weight she put on, but she’s deceased her inflammation, resolved skin issues, and even increased her energy substantially to keep up with her kids!


While Kelly sticks to Whole30 and paleo compliant foods the majority of the time, she always leaves room for a little paleo treat because, hey, sometimes you just can’t resist over the holidays.


Wondering what kinds of food Kelly cooks up?


Everything from Shakshuka and Mediterranean frittatas for breakfast, to green chili chicken with cilantro lime cauliflower rice, pizza zucchini boats, and stuffed acorn squash for dinner. And don’t forget about the sides and salads. She’s got buffalo roasted cauliflower, marinated kale salad, and even sweet potato home fries!


If those don’t sound delicious, we don’t know what does! Sign up for our dream paleo week menus to see what else Kelly has to share!