Have you ever tried eating healthy but just haven’t felt like you’re actually all that healthy? Kim O’Keefe can vouch for that. Despite following a strict vegetarian and vegan lifestyle for years and eating all healthy foods, Kim just wasn’t feeling good and seeing the results she wanted. After switching to paleo in 2018, Kim’s health took a turn and she started to feel amazing. Now, she wants you to feel that way, too.


Whether you follow a vegetarian diet or not, Kim’s recipes will definitely be a hit. They’re full of flavour, packed with nutrients, and will definitely become family favourites.


Who says you can’t have something sinfully healthy for breakfast. Kim’s paleo chocolate chip banana bread and smoothies will leave you thinking you’re having dessert when you’re eating something completely healthy. For lunch, Kim’s lined up things like plantain chips with your choice of protein (vegan or non), stir fry, zucchini lasagna, and grilled kabobs.


And snacks? She has those too. Throwing back to when you were a kid, she’s got an updated version of ants on a log using almond butter, or a cashew dip with crudités.


Kim is not a fan of dedicating too long to cooking, so her Dream Paleo Week consists of a few dishes that she batch cooks and switches around during the week.


All of the recipes she’s provided are delicious and super simple so you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen.


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