Blood sugar stabilization can be a challenge and Kirstie Cotter knows the ins and outs of it. Especially when you’re a busy parent, cooking complex meals to help with blood-sugar management can be a challenge. But Kirstie’s philosophy is simple healthy food made with real ingredients that doesn’t take hours and hours to make. While Kirstie follows primarily a low-carb approach to eating because it makes her feel best, almost all of her recipes are still paleo-compliant or can be easily adapted to suit the paleo eating style.


For her dream paleo week, she’s got some doozy’s lined up that we know you will love. She takes classic dishes and puts a healthy, paleo twist on them and they’re sure to leave you coming back for more.


Breakfasts include some amazing sweet options like coconut custard chia with refined sugar free caramelized bananas, chocolate “noatmeal” and kiwi green smoothie, while savoury options include chicken bone broth with poached eggs and herbs, seed toast with avocado, and zoodle egg nests. For lunches and dinners, look forward to things like beetroot and pickled egg salads, cauliflower rice sushi, mango salmon salad, Thai roasted pumpkin soup, roasted vegetable quinoa bowls with tahini mustard dressing, and Simple Chicken Roast with Veggies.


Looking for snack ideas also? How about chocolate peanut butter avocado pudding, acai chia with figs, or spiced sausage stuffed mini peppers. 


All of the recipes Kirstie has provided for her dream paleo week are packed full of nutrients and flavour. Subscribe to our weekly dream paleo menu to check out all of her recipes!