Lana Laz isn’t new to the paleo world — she’s been doing it on and off for years — but as most people do, she feels significantly better and has had the most success when she’s following it. 


After starting a new project management job, Lana made a commitment to herself that “project me” was just as important as her work projects; if she could manage projects, a team, stakeholders, and a mess of uncertainty, she could definitely manage herself. As such, Lana ventured down the keto route, eventually transitioning to paleo when she achieved her goal weight. Since then, she has lost the extra weight she’d been carrying, got her hunger on track, and learned about intuitive eating.


In an effort to show people her recipe creations, Lana created her Instagram account that is filled with pure deliciousness — and we think her dream paleo week menu is too.


Lana doesn’t always eat breakfast, usually just having a cup of coffee — although when she wakes up hungry, she makes herself a big meal that holds her until dinner. In her paleo week menu, she’s given you three recipes per day, but if you’re like her and don’t generally eat in the morning, choose two of the three!


Breakfasts sounds amazing with recipes like shakshuka, banana pancakes, cheesy asparagus frittata and banana bread. Lunches and dinners are simple, delicious and quick with recipes like salmon Greek salad, chicken confit, chicken schnitzel with roasted broccolini, rosemary roasted chicken thighs, and cast iron flank steak with wilted kale.


If you’re looking for healthy and delicious paleo meals using fresh, whole ingredients, Lana’s dream paleo week menu should definitely be on your radar.


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