When it comes to lemons, how many do you think can your household consume in a week? Lauran’s dream paleo week calls for 13 of this tangy citrus loaded with vitamin C! Are you up for the challenge?

Lauran puts her lemons to good use. Does “Cabbage Stir Fry with Thai Fish Cakes” sound good? And how about a “Sugar Free Paleo Strawberry Jam”?!

Apart from the paleo jam, coffee lovers will enjoy her low-impact take on Tiramisu. She didn’t call her recipe “All The Frees! Tiramisu” for nothing. And while we are talking dessert, check out her recipe of “Paleo Ferrero Rocher” – could dieting be more enjoyable?

For breakfast Lauran is sharing 7 options, from “Egg Shakshuka Topped with Baked Potato Slices” to tender “Frittatas with Beetroot Yoghurt”.

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