When life throws you a series of health complications, it’s usually a sign that something isn’t working quite right. For Leanna Thompson, wide-spread chronic inflammation and pain, significant weight loss, memory issues, adrenal fatigue, chronic headaches, gastritis, and severe malnutrition was enough to cause some serious changes.


Being diagnosed with lactose intolerance and celiac disease, as well, caused her to experiment with foods and see what worked and what didn’t. After removing a number of aggravating foods from her diet, Leanna finally started seeing hope as her body slowly began to heal. Now, she creates and shares recipes on her blog in hopes of inspiring others who are struggling with the same journey. 


For her dream paleo week, she’s lined up a doozy of a menu for you. With a combination of healthy paleo and keto treats, you’ll constantly be looking forward to your next meal.


Breakfasts are usually on the sweet side with things like cream of buckwheat and bananas, waffles, pumpkin bread and even donut holes! For lunches and dinners, Leanna plays on traditional favourites and makes them compliant for people with food sensitivities. We’re talking about dishes like mac and cheese, sausage patties with eggs, chicken and baby bok choy, keto “potato” salad, tri tip with kale chips, and chicken and broccoli stir fry. And she hasn’t forgotten about the treats. Experimenting in the kitchen has produced some delicious recipes like keto blackberry cobbler, Oreo cookies, keto donuts, and sugar cookies.


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