When you’re not in your element, eating healthy can be challenging. For Lindsay Hale, her deployment to Iraq with the US Army in 2009 meant that processed and prepackaged foods became her staple. As a result, her body was constantly inflamed, her energy levels were non-existent, and she experienced frequent headaches, joint pain, and severe brain fog. By switching to paleo, nearly all her symptoms subsided and 10 years later, she has never felt better.


Lindsay truly believes that food is medicine — how our bodies and minds function is linked to the quality of food we put into our body. The recipes she has provided for her dream paleo week are loaded with nutrients and are based off of whole, real, unprocessed foods to support health.


She loves to start her mornings with things like almond cream parfaits, a sweet potato and bell pepper hash, almond flour pancakes, or a chocolata-cado smoothie. 


Follow these amazing breakfast options up with things like avocado tuna salad, roasted brussel sprouts with bacon, chicken taco bowls, or cauliflower stuffed chicken with prosciutto wrapped chicken. 


In need of a quick pick me up? Choose from things like cocoa mocha date bites, apples with almond cream, or homemade trail mix.


Whatever the recipe, you’ll be sure it’s made from only the best ingredients to keep your body functioning at its peak. Sign up for our dream paleo week menu to see what other delicious recipes she has!