Maya Levin firmly believes that when it comes to experimenting with health, the only experiment that matters is you — cleanse your body from the negative effects of anything bad you might be eating and see for yourself what you should be avoiding and why. Maya swears by paleo to help her manage the symptoms associated with her IBS and arthritis. She sticks to eating whole healthy foods like vegetables, meats, and fats because that’s truly all you need to thrive — everything you can find in nature.


And while these foods may seem simple and unexciting, Maya finds creative ways to jazz them up that will keep you coming back for seconds.


Whether you’re a meat lover, a seafood lover, or a vegetarian, Maya has tons of dishes you will love that are packed full of nutrients and flavour and can also be tweaked to suit your eating style. From paleo stuffed peppers loaded with meat, vegetables, herbs, and garlic, to a simple inflammation-fighting smoothie with berries, turmeric, and matcha powder, or a simple sweet potato hash, it doesn’t stop there.


Her weekly round up also has dishes like paleo chicken curry with cauliflower rice, roasted vegetable and shrimp salad, chicken and avocado endive boats, and tuna salad with a sweet potato bun.


Maya provides tons of yummy options in her dream paleo menu, so subscribe to our weekly recipes to get access to all of them and recipes by other paleo voices!