Like most people, Meredith Romano leads a busy life working 10 hour shifts in addition to other activities she enjoys. Before finding paleo, she fell into the ever so common trap of “if I workout, I can eat whatever I want” — but to her surprise, it didn’t work. Despite working out hard, she still gained weight, which led her to be strict on her macros. After finding paleo, Meredith managed to put aside her obsessive calorie counting and learn to find balance in her life. She now follows the 80/20 rule of eating and let’s herself enjoy treats every now and again.


Meredith’s dream paleo week is one you will not want to miss. All of her recipes are full of flavour and super simple to make, so you won’t have to add more stress to your life.


Breakfast recipes are a great mix of both sweet and savoury — and can all be prepped ahead — with things like chia seed pudding, chorizo egg cups, and breakfast balls. For lunches and dinners, the flavour doesn’t stop. She has recipes like buffalo chicken spaghetti squash boats, Asian chicken salad, stuffed poblano peppers, roasted cauliflower soup, and pecan crusted salmon. Meredith hasn’t forgotten about snacks too with homemade guacamole, buffalo cauliflower bites, and a great mix of sweet and salty with prosciutto wrapped dates.


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