When it comes to keto and paleo, there’s no shortage of books around. But for Monya Kilian Palmer, Dr. Atkins’ book New Diet Revolution was her introduction and starting point for further research into the realm of low carb eating. She pursued research in the field, and in May 2018 Monya and her husband committed to the low-carb lifestyle and have never looked back. 


As a trained chef, Monya runs a successful blog called Mud & Love and the Fats of Life; her blog has been short-listed as one of the Top 8 Culinary Blogs in the 2019 UK Blog Awards just a short eight months after launching.


Now, Monya is here to share her dream paleo week menu with you.


If you’re a coffee fiend, breakfasts consist mostly of bulletproof coffee — that nutty, buttery richness that goes down so smooth and prevents those highs and lows that most cups of black coffee give you.


As Monya follows a keto diet, most meals are high fat — but that doesn’t mean they’re not flavourful. How does spicy cottage pie, pork scratching, cod in a dill cream sauce with cauliflower mash, or pepper lamb riblets sound? And that’s just the beginning. She also has Thai steak salad, Chicken, Lemon and Oregano Bake, avocado on chia toast and pork belly with keto gravy.


Keeping food simple is how it should be, and Monya does that while maintaining all the flavour of their non-keto counterparts.


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