When kids come into the picture, healthy eating becomes non-negotiable. For Olga Miller, the birth of her daughter further sparked her interest in food and nutrition. Growing up in eastern Europe, she’s experienced many different ethnic foods and does her best to make them healthy without composing tradition.


In her dream paleo menu, she puts a healthy spin on her favourite traditional dishes to give them a serious nutrient boost without compromising flavour. 


Breakfast includes things like savoury mushroom, leek and lardon muffins, olive oil-cassava blini, chai spiced green plantain kimchi latkes, or coconut hemp porridge with cinnamon and berries. For lunches and dinners, she has more traditional favourites like mushroom and leek soup, braised mushroom stuffed pork chops with Russian vegetable salad, borscht with sauerkraut, Moroccan style lamb tagine with caulirice, pistachios, and apricots, and braised pheasant with wild mushrooms and onions. 


While her breakfast, lunches, and dinners are sure to keep you full, she’s packed a little extra with snacks and dessert incase you get the munchies between meals. Olga has included recipes like slow roasted strawberries with coconut yogurt, almond, vanilla and strawberry galette, easy skillet apple cake, bone broth, and faux ramen bowls. And even a Sunday brunch in Sierra Nevada!


Whether it’s sweet or savoury, Olga has you covered with some of her favourites. To access all of her delicious recipes, sign up for our dream paleo week!