Lauran Brannigan’s paleo journey began like many others: with a health crisis. The crisis was candida, an opportunistic yeast that had taken over her gut. To reclaim her health, Lauran needed to get rid of this unwanted guest. So for three long months, Lauran implemented an elimination diet, cutting out nearly every food she was accustomed to eating. Gradually, her symptoms improved, and she reintroduced many of her favorite snacks.

But certain foods – refined sugar, grains and dairy – never returned to Lauran’s diet. These foods, she realized, harmed her body. They caused inflammation, disrupted her gut microbiome and sapped her energy. And so Lauran gave these foods the permanent boot. But even though she had sworn off sugar, Lauran still loved to bake. Unfortunately, most recipes call for sugar. That’s just how dessert gets made.

So Lauran had an idea. Why not make sugar-free desserts, then publish the recipes online? Presto: Glitter and Gut Health was born. Glitter and Gut Health is Lauran’s now-popular brand: a website devoted to sugar-free, gluten-free and paleo-friendly recipes. One of her favorite recipes, according to her, is a sugar-free, strawberry jam parfait, cereal. Why cereal?

“I have an obsession with everything breakfast!” she exclaims.

Lauran also has an obsession with gut health. In fact, cutting out sugar – which causes intestinal inflammation – is her secret to feeling great.

“[My diet]”, she says, “enables me to have the energy, mental clarity and confidence to achieve my bigger dreams!”

This story has a happy ending. Going paleo helped Lauran take back her health, and now she’s helping others do the same. Check out her tips on best practices for healthy living!

In her dream paleo week that Lauran shares with our subscribers, you will get recipes of such dishes as Cabbage Stir Fry with Thai Fish Cakes, Egg Shakshuka Topped with Baked Potato Slices and Paleo Ferrero Rocher!!

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