Inés Viñas stumbled upon paleo by pure chance. She was an overweight, depressed, polymedicated, self-proclaimed cancer-surviving couch potato with PCOS who needed a drastic change. 


Little did she know, after reading the book The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living, the weight loss regimen she embarked on was actually what was going to change her life. She learned that the condition that had kept her on estrogen pills for 20 years (PCOS) was actually a metabolic disease that could be controlled through dietary changes. 


The paleo, low-carb diet she started on not only mitigated her hunger, but also the myriad of symptoms she had been living with for ages. She lost weight and started to finally feel like herself again. Not only that, but she also realized a year later that the diet she had been following had also kept endometrial and cervical cancer at bay. 


This initial curiosity Inés had with nutrition grew into a full fledged obsession. She enrolled back into college to earn a degree in nutrition and psychology. Today, Inés follows a keto, paleo, and intermittent fasting protocol that includes lots of fresh vegetables, healthy fats, and organic meat and fish.. and an occasional Raspberry Cheesecake!


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