Before living on her own, Kailen Brant didn’t really give much thought to macronutrients or how much protein, carbs and fat she should be consuming. When she really started to pay attention to what she was eating, that’s when Kailen noticed what foods made her feel good, and what foods didn’t. As a result of being more conscious, the inflammation she dealt with most of her life started to disappear.


Once Kailen started to venture out with her cooking, she learned to love healthy eating — swapping processed carbs for vegetables, eating lean proteins. Not only did her energy levels skyrocket, but she also found that changing her diet increased her metabolism and boosted her athletic performance.


Contrary to what we’ve all been told, she also learned that fats aren’t the enemy. Getting adequate amounts from healthy sources and avoiding all the added hormones and antibiotics from conventional products made her body feel significantly better.


But being a new mom, Kailen’s days are packed from the minute she gets up to the moment she goes to bed. She looks for ways to make healthy food easy, yet still flavourful and delicious. One of her tricks — shop and meal prep during the weekends so the rest of your week goes smoothly!


Tired of eating the same fried eggs and avocado for breakfast? Kailen’s Potato & Bacon Egg Cups recipe is a perfect substitute!


Want to know Kailen’s philosophy on eating? Use food as medicine — it’s the base of improving your wellness.


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