Paleo Foods That Increase Metabolism With Kailen Brant

Are you looking for ways to boost your metabolism naturally? Then, the paleo diet could be an option for you. Kailen Brant shared how paleo foods that increase metabolism helped her achieve her health goals and improve her athletic performance. 

Discovering Paleo Foods That Increase Metabolism And Athletic Performance 

Kailen Brant didn’t think much about macronutrients or how much protein, carbs, and fat she should be consuming before living on her own. But, when she started to pay attention to what she was eating, Kailen noticed what foods made her feel good and what didn’t. As a result of being more conscious, the inflammation she had dealt with most of her life started to disappear.

Once Kailen started to venture out with her cooking, she learned to love healthy eating. She is now swapping processed carbs for vegetables and eating lean proteins. Not only did her energy levels skyrocket, but she also found that changing her diet increased her metabolism and boosted her athletic performance.

She also learned that fats aren’t the enemy, contrary to what we’ve all been told. Her body feels significantly better after getting adequate amounts from healthy sources and avoiding all the added hormones and antibiotics from conventional products.

But being a new mom, Kailen’s days are packed from the minute she gets up to the moment she goes to bed. So she looks for ways to make healthy food easy yet still flavorful and delicious. One of her tricks is meal prep during the weekends, so the rest of your week goes smoothly!

Kailen’s Philosophy On Eating 

Do you want to know Kailen’s philosophy on eating? 

Use food as medicine—it’s the base for improving your wellness.” – Kailen Brant

Kailen’s paleo transition has been a pretty fluid one. But as a new mom, Kailen’s days are busy, and there isn’t always time for cooking. So how does she make it work while being busy with her new baby? Shop and meal prep on the weekends. It’s her tip to ensure there are no kinks in your week and you stay on track!

She’s given us a sneak peek at her paleo recipes. Honestly, they sound amazing!

Breakfasts consist of avocado toast with olives and tomato, bacon spinach frittatas, or a good old bulletproof coffee. But if you’re tired of eating the same fried eggs and avocado for breakfast, then Kailen’s potato & bacon egg cups recipe is a perfect substitute!

She doesn’t skimp on lunch and dinner, either. While they may be simple, they’re packed with flavor. Think about a grilled chicken salad with green goddess dressing, coconut chicken nuggets, and instant pot Hawaiian pork and coleslaw.

If you’re interested in learning more about Kailen and seeing all the delicious food she’s cooking up, check out her Pinterest or follow her on Instagram @brantsbite!


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Paleo Foods That Increase Metabolism With Kailen Brant

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