Growing up in a busy household, Kelly Warner wasn’t always exposed to healthy, nutrient-dense meals. With little cooking experience, college life continued with Pop Tarts, Ramen noodles, and frozen ready to heat meals. Despite being active through college, bad eating habits started to creep up on her — and so did the weight.


After moving to the south and dealing with a stressful job, the yummy (and not so calorie friendly) food of the south continued to add on the pounds. Food became a way of coping — a reward for a good day, a bad day, or simply boredom.


If that wasn’t enough, Kelly and her husband experienced eight years of infertility, and even a pregnancy loss, which increased her stress and weight gain further. It wasn’t until she was finally was able to conceive and her first child was born that she realized what her food choices were doing. She wouldn’t feed her baby all the processed foods, so why feed it to herself? After the birth of her second child, Kelly started cooking more, reading, watching documentaries, and listening to podcasts, all in an effort to get herself back on track with her health.


Despite losing weight, Kelly still struggled with low energy, cravings, bad skin, and a short-fuse. What solved her issues? The Whole30. After finishing one round, Kelly and her husband were amazed at the results — weight loss, resolved skin issues, reduced pain and inflammation, better sleep, and even more energy! Since then, they have completed four rounds of the Whole30 and now follow a predominantly paleo and Whole30 compliant diet. Kelly and her husband never been happier and never felt better!


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