For many people, the transition to paleo may be instigated by a major event that has happened in their life, health-wise or other. For Alicia Stelzer, her journey into paleo started in 2015 when she fell ill and was treated with a multitude of antibiotics and steroids that essentially depleted her body. After her treatment, her body was left in such a poor condition that she developed a very bad case of candida. Left with few alternatives, Alicia was forced to change her diet and lifestyle in an attempt to regain her health.


Growing up in a low income household, Alicia wasn’t raised on healthy foods. In order to rid her body of the yeast, she had to let go of what she knew and do a complete diet overhaul. That meant no sugar, no dairy, no processed foods, no soy, no additives, and no sweeteners. After a year of following a severely limiting diet of chicken and vegetables, Alicia started looking into alternatives — which is where she found paleo. After doing her research, she realized that paleo wasn’t so bad. She found an abundance of recipes that got her experimenting in the kitchen. Through this, she gained even more knowledge of how the body works and how beneficial this change was to her health and lifestyle.


Alicia lost more than 50lbs., her skin had never looked better, and perhaps most importantly, she started to feel amazing. Paleo had become her new lifestyle. Alicia’s whole life had changed. Not only did she look and feel better, she learned more about herself. She had the opportunity to grow as a person and she began to love herself more than ever before. She became so much stronger physically and mentally and her life took a turn for the better. Alicia was finally on her way to becoming the best version of herself and every day became a new opportunity for growth.


After experiencing another health condition several years later, Alicia used paleo once again to get her body back to health. The paleo lifestyle has also helped her to improve her digestive health in a huge way. Not just with food, but vitamins, probiotics and intermittent fasting as well.


Being a college student, a wife, and working in the service industry keeps Alicia busy, but paleo is her way of keeping her body nourished when her stress levels are high. Her advice to anyone that wants to feel better is to heal your body from the inside out. Heal your gut, listen to your body, take probiotics and do the research on yourself.


To follow Alicia on her journey, follow her on Instagram @mostly_paleo_always_real.


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