Clean Eating Through Paleo Diet With Beth Lipton

Having a passion for food and health, Beth Lipton was on the hunt for a diet that worked best for her body. Now, Beth shared how she discovered clean eating through the paleo diet and why she is thankful for her choice. 

Beth’s Background

With an education background in print journalism, Beth’s career path took a turn into the food scene, obtaining both chef and pastry training. But Beth doesn’t stay behind the scenes — she combines her love of writing with her passion for health and food. She’s been a food and nutrition editor with Quick & Simple magazine, a food director at All You magazine and Health magazine, and is now a contributing editor for Clean Plates. It doesn’t just stop at writing and editing, though. Beth has also become a certified health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and is now practicing with Strive/Nourish/Play.

Discovering Paleo Diet

After spending years figuring out her gut and digestive issues, Beth Lipton can attest to how diet is everything. But she also knows that cutting everything out so you’re left with no enjoyable foods isn’t the answer either. So Beth decided to participate in an elimination diet (a “group whole foods cleanse”), and it worked wonders.

For the first time in her life, she had zero digestive issues and was bursting with energy. Her fix? Cue the paleo diet — the aftermath of the cleanse. Combining the principles of paleo with Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof diet, Beth has found a middle-ground between the two, and that’s where her eating resides today.

Beth’s Advice for People Who Wants To Adapt Clean Eating

Beth believes everyone is unique and has different needs, so find what’s right for you and stick to it! What works for you probably won’t work for someone else — and that’s okay. But don’t let eating a certain way keep you from experimenting and making food that’s both delicious and healthy. Please keep it simple, and ensure you’re enjoying eating!

Her advice to people is not to get too hung up on rules — that is, of any specific lifestyle or diet. It’s important that whatever lifestyle you follow serves you, not the other way around. Her philosophy on diet and lifestyle choices is that they help you be your healthiest self and feel the best you can. 

What Do Beth’s Recipes Look Like?

Indeed, Beth Lipton knows how to cook — and she knows how to make it healthy without skimping on flavor.

With Beth’s recipes, you’re getting more than you bargained for because this girl has a way with food! And she shares her passion through her blog.

If you think dessert couldn’t be eaten for breakfast, think again. Beth’s paleo cherry crumble bars are almost healthy enough that you can sub your morning meal for one of these. Loaded with healthy fats from almond flour, shredded coconut, and walnuts, sandwiched between a tart and delicious filling of cherries, they’re sure to be a hit around your house.

But dessert isn’t all Beth does. If you’re looking for quick and healthy meals for lunch, she’s got you covered there, too. How about paleo salmon cakes with a fattoush salad or grilled eggplant caprese? It’s all of your favorite classic dishes gone paleo.

If you need some paleo-approved appetizers for a holiday get-together, she also has those covered. How do lemon shrimp or chili-spiced sweet potato peels sound? Or what about a Sicilian-inspired caponata made with eggplant, onions, celery, capers, olive oil, and vinegar to top some homemade crispy crostini?   

Are you interested in knowing more about Beth? Visit her website at or check out her Instagram for all sorts of fun and exciting things! Like this homemade curry spice mix!

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Clean Eating Through Paleo Diet With Beth Lipton

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