Cheryl Malik isn’t new to the paleo world — she’s been following the lifestyle since 2015 after completing the Whole30 and seeing how truly amazing she could feel. 


Since an early age, Cheryl has been interested in food. At the age of 10, she decided to transition to vegetarianism because there was just something not right about the typical American diet. As such, she was vegetarian or vegan on and off for almost 15 years. 


After a year postpartum, Cheryl decided to try the Whole30 to see if she could solve some health issues she was experiencing — poor sleep, jaw pain, and postpartum weight she just couldn’t get rid of. After a few weeks following the protocol, she was shocked at the results. All of the issues she had been dealing with were fixed. For Cheryl, that was the start of her journey to where she is now, and the start of all the paleo recipes on her blog. 


With her recipes, like her Instant Pot chili, she focuses on real food ingredients that make her feel great and uses them in a way that makes healthy eating sustainable. 


To follow along and access her recipes, check out her website at or follow her on Instagram @40aprons. 


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