Darrell Burns loves to eat. From a young age, Darrell has always found comfort in food, especially when it meant cooking traditional southern favourites with his grandmother. After majoring in exercise sports science in college, his relationship with food starts to change; he learned how to read labels and how certain foods benefited his metabolism. But it wasn’t until after his mother was diagnosed with MS, fibromyalgia, and diabetes that the way he looked at food really changed.


With his new found information, Darrell changed not only his eating habits, but also his mother’s and the rest of his family — starting with the Whole30. For him, it was important that food be made from scratch and eating was back to basics. Doing so allows his family to understand that good provides nourishment and energy; it allowed them to determine what foods made them feel good and what food didn’t; and it also gave them an understanding of nutrition labels. This provided a great segway into a low carb/paleo style of eating that helped them to lower cholesterol levels, lower the medication dosage his mother was on, and keep energy levels up. 


When Darrell says he believes in the power of food to heal, he has experienced it first hand. After transitioning to paleo, Darrell feels 100% better. He shares his recipes and gives you a taste of childhood favourites on his Instagram @cooking_with_db. He is a firm believer that just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean it shouldn’t taste good. 


Want to get a taste of Darrell’s Buttery Cheesy Keto Biscuits? Find the recipe here.


His advice? “If you are easing into a paleo lifestyle, just remember to season your food, make enough to last for the week, and invite me over for a plate!”


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