Growing up in a Czech family that’s big on trying new cuisines, Dasha Mulligan isn’t new to healthy eating — but listening to her body is a whole different story.

After finishing college, Dasha went to Canada on a work/holiday visa to work in the hospitality industry, as gastronomy is her passion. She obtained a position as a cook at one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the world — Banff National Park. But what she expected about restaurants wasn’t the case and she was in for a total surprise.

Dasha soon realized that things that seemed “fresh” weren’t even close to that. Everything was either processed, frozen, or fried. And where you find that food, you also find weight gain and a whole slew of other problems. Returning home from Canada, Dasha had gained over 10kg from eating nutrient poor foods. Not only that, she was also dealing with severe digestive issues, skin problems, lack of energy, and mood swings as a result of her choices.

How did she handle this? Her boyfriend (now her husband) was the first person to bring the paleo world to light for Dasha. But meat all day every day with just a bit of vegetables wasn’t on her mind, because little did she know, that’s not actually what paleo is about. She started researching about paleo and found there is actually much more to it than meat and veggies, and even considered giving it a try.

Gradually, she excluded grains, dairy products, refined sugar, and legumes from her diet, supplemented the classic side dishes with vegetables, and began to discover new tastes, cooking methods, and ingredients. It wasn’t long before Dasha realized that when you eliminate processed foods and sugars, you truly start to appreciate the way fresh food tastes. As a result of this transition, Dasha started to spend more time in the kitchen and deepened her passion for cooking. She was able to experiment with different ingredients and tastes, and eventually started her blog, The Peckish Girl.

Her blog about healthy living eventually turned into a blog with simple recipes created from real foods. The online recipe book she developed features her most popular tricks and is meant to be an inspiration for those who want to try out healthy meals and a healthy lifestyle, but aren’t really sure where to start. She hopes that it’s especially helpful for those who want to cook delicious, healthy meals, without ruining the family budget.

One of the delicious paleo recipes in her Dream Paleo Week that Dasha shares with our subscribers, is No-Waste Savoury Cauliflower Waffles – check them out!

Dasha’s paleo journey started at the end of 2013, and guess what? It still continues strong today. If you’re interested to see more of Dasha’s story and get her kitchen secrets, check out her blog and her Instagram @thepeckishgirl!


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