Juli Hill’s family has been plagued with degenerative diseases for as long as she can remember. Losing both her parents to cancer before her 36th birthday left her fearful she would encounter the same fate. From a young age, Juli has battled minor health annoyances that most people think are ‘normal’ — acne, allergies, and eczema — which eventually turned into sleep loss, anxiety, and irritation. 

A trip to the doctor left Juli on anti-anxiety and acne medication, but little did she know (thankfully her husband did) that the side effects of these prescriptions were beyond nasty. 

Juli thought both her and her husband were pretty healthy considering they weren’t overweight. Neither of them had ever had a serious weight issue and back when they were growing up, they were taught that health was about a calories in vs. calories out — if you managed what you ate, exercised enough, and kept your weight down, you could eat whatever you wanted — and so they did.

It wasn’t until the vet bills started piling in from a house full of rescue pets that Juli finally learned the power of food and lifestyle as tools to preserve health. With her eyes now opened to her pets’ health, she made the leap to her own health potential when she landed on a PBS special about the power of micronutrients in food to change gene expression and fend off disease.

After watching this film, Juli started to dig through her discomfort and look for the root cause of her health problems. Upon doing so, she quickly realized that the health complaints she saw as ‘normal’ were actually a window into the mayhem going on inside her body. The push for her health answers was even stronger after her husband was diagnosed with an autoimmune nerve disorder. This was a turning point for them.

Together, Jon and Juli overhauled their diet along with their pets’. This meant cutting out grains, dairy, sugar, industrial seed oils, and processed foods. It also meant starting a consistent exercise routine, meditation, removing toxins from their daily lives, and introducing themselves to functional medicine. 

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After reading hundreds of books, listening to podcasts, attending summits, and watching documentaries, Juli was overwhelmed by the need to make this ‘unconventional information’ common knowledge – your health outcome is not a genetic lottery, it is completely within your control. She strives to teach people to incorporate ancestral nutrition and positive lifestyle choices into modern life to put them on the path towards a fulfilling, long, healthy life.

As a Certified Primal Health Coach, Juli is beyond excited to empower people to uncover the secrets to their own health and that of their pets, freeing them from the wheel of prescriptions and procedures, and embracing the simplicity and power of nutrition and lifestyle medicine.

To follow Juli through her journey of empowerment and learning, check out her Instagram @functionalforager, Facebook, and her website https://functionalforager.com


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