For Dory Schrader, there have been 3 major events that led her to the paleo lifestyle. 


About 10 years ago, she was diagnosed with a dairy allergy, which led her to explore more plant-based options; she began looking at cookbooks and recipes dedicated to plant-based eating and not surprisingly, one of her family’s favourite meals is vegan enchiladas! 


Dory has also struggled with IBS for many years, but never quite understood why she was getting the symptoms she was. After visiting her family doctor due to nagging, daily discomfort and pain, it was recommended she do a low-FODMAP diet. Within weeks, Dory started to feel significantly better. Not only did she manage her IBS symptoms, but she increased her energy and improved her sleep. 


The last event leading Dory to paleo was the introduction to the Whole Life Challenge — a 6-week lifestyle journey dedicated to improving health, fitness and overall well-being. From learning about nutrition, Dory began to explore paleo and discovered that by eliminating grains, sugar, and legumes, she could feel amazing. 


For the most part, Dory and her family adhere to a modified paleo; they eat rice and legumes, enjoy the occasional glass of wine, avoid red meat for environmental reasons, and prepare a few vegan options each week. 


Try Dory’s Paleo Zucchini Fritters Recipe here.


Her advice for anyone considering making dietary or lifestyle changes? Make incremental changes (e.g. no “cold turkey” or restrictive diets), and do what feels good for your body and works for your family.


Dory is active on social media and encourages you to follow her. She posts daily recipes on Facebook and Instagram and shares weekly menus with her followers. If you’re interested to follow along her journey and get some of her great recipes, check out her website, and follow her on Instagram and Facebook


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