When an illness hits, it can be a sign that something needs to change. In 2014 when Leanna Thompson became sick, it changed her life forever. Suffering from wide-spread chronic inflammation and pain, significant weight loss, memory issues, adrenal fatigue, chronic headaches, gastritis, and severe malnutrition, it was a serious sign that something wasn’t right. While doctors could tell her the problems she was facing, they couldn’t explain why


Closing in on the end of 2014, Leanna discovered that she was lactose intolerant after eliminating dairy for a few days and realizing she felt much better. This was here AHA! moment. She took her first steps in learning that her food choices were causing her to be sick. A couple years later, Leanna learned she was also celiac. But even after eliminating both gluten and dairy, her symptoms still persisted. 


After starting on a low FODMAP diet, Leanna’s symptoms started to improve slowly. Realizing that a strict low FODMAP diet wasn’t ideal for her, she quickly started to figure out her food intolerances upon re-introducing specific foods. This included things like grains, nuts, legumes, garlic, and some fruits and vegetables. In her search to find foods she could eat, she turned to food blogs that shared recipes and brands and started experimenting in the kitchen using ingredients that agreed with her body. Many kitchen fails later, she finally started making things that were edible. 


After seeing her dedication, Leanna’s husband convinced her to start a food blog in order to share her recipes and help others who may be struggling with much the same issues as she was — this is where Better Than Edible was born. For Leanna, her channel represents the idea that even people who have very restrictive dietary needs can still eat delicious food. It’s all about finding what works for you body and what doesn’t. 


Check out Leanna’s Oreo Cookies Recipe.


Leanna is currently in a much better place both physically and mentally. After changing her diet and lifestyle, she can feel everyday that her body is well on the path to healing. She hopes that by sharing her experiences and recipes, she can help others in their struggle to find their new normal.


To read more and follow Leanna along her journey, check her Instagram out @BetterThanEdible!


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