Like a lot of people, Janine Klinegal was raised on scratch made delicious and hearty family meals. Growing up in a Thai family, processed food wasn’t a big part of her upbringing, and neither was dairy, so with the exception of rice, most of her meals were similar to paleo.


Things changed when she moved from Thailand to Australia in her 20s — she adopted new eating habits. Things like coffee with cows milk, pasta, pizza, cakes and pastries became staples in her diet.


As a result of poor dietary choices, Janine developed skin disorders and suffered from IBS; her scalp and skin became itchy, she developed aggressive facial acne, and her entire body was bloated with alternating constipation and diarrhea. She was stressed and unhappy, and her self-image took a nosedive. 


It wasn’t until she started working at a Holistic Medical Clinic that things started to turn around; a naturopathic consultation resulted in the introduction to the paleo diet. Janine started by making small changes — she swapper her supermarket for her local farmers market, cleaning out her cupboards, and eliminating dairy and wheat products. Within one week of making changes, Janine noticed a huge difference — her skin was not as inflamed as previously and her acne started disappearing. By the end of the second week, the acne had fully subsided. She had finally started to feel like there was hope for her health. 


It’s been over 5 years since Janine started her paleo journey and she no longer has IBS symptoms, her skin looks and feels healthy, and she’s finally confident in her own skin again. 


For her, it was important to develop a passion for cooking. Most of her food has influences of Thai cuisine, and she uses a lot of fresh herbs for the health benefits and to enhance the flavours. Food is medicine and making healthy delicious paleo food is a ‘joy’ in her health journey.


Janine’s advice for people starting on paleo is this:


  1. Start with baby steps 
  2. Meal plan
  3. Batch cook — double the recipes so you don’t have to cook every meal
  4. Observe your body and how you feel after every meal — helps you to adjust you meal plan
  5. Eat enough protein and healthy fats to reduce sugar cravings 
  6. Use herbs and spices liberally
  7. Get creative with cooking — make food that’s visually interesting, too
  8. Get sun regularly — it helps to energize and ground you, which supports inner strength to welcome this new journey 


To learn more about Janine, check out her website at, her Instagram @joynesshealth and Facebook.


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