If you struggle with psoriasis, or any other skin condition for that matter, you’re not the only one. A couple of years ago, Julie Simpson was diagnosed with psoriasis — an outcome that set her on her current health journey and introduced her to the paleo way of eating.

Like a lot of other reversible diagnoses, a huge part of clearing up psoriasis focuses on diet — developing healthy eating habits, consuming foods that benefit the body, eliminating those that don’t, and overall reducing inflammation. Here’s where paleo fits in. After doing her research on how to deal with the skin condition, Julie found starting the paleo diet was one of the only things that helped her skin. To her surprise, the entire time she struggled with psoriasis, she also had strep throat; untreated cases of strep can often result in the development of psoriasis — who knew?

After taking antibiotics to clear the strep throat (and to her convenience, the psoriasis as well), she was so in-tune with the paleo lifestyle that she continued after regaining her health! Not only did her physical appearance start to improve, she also gained confidence, noticed significantly more energy, and also lost that stubborn belly fat she couldn’t get rid of.

But we all fall off the bandwagon every so often. Life gets busy with family, work, and everything else in between and sometimes our eating starts to suffer. When Julie returned to her teaching in the fall, there just wasn’t time nor energy to keep up with eating properly and boy did she feel a difference. Exhaustion, laziness, and fatigue — all repercussions of changing her eating. Her go to for getting back on track? She found grocery shopping and meal prepping at the beginning of the week was key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle when busy. Having healthy lunches ready to go and dinners prepared when she got home ensured she was eating well and full of energy despite working a full-time job.

If you’re interested in Julie’s story and curious to find out more about her, check out her Instagram @healthywaybyj or her website at and follow her along her journey! And if you have a slow cooker, why not make her Thai Peanut Chicken?


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